Tara West

Fall Trends in Fashion and Food

Tara West
Fall Trends in Fashion and Food

This week on the blog we paired up with the amazing nutrition specialist Julie Starr. We are discussing the topic of beauty from the inside out. Here are a few of Julie’s tops for fall trends…

We are so lucky in Boston to have 4 seasons- each season has a different feel, from the clothes we wear to the foods that we eat.

As a nutrition expert, I love guiding people to their best self through the foods that they eat. The Fall is one of my favorite seasons; we still have so much local produce, holidays, and we can’t ignore the gorgeous foliage.

My top five Fall nutrition trends:


Apple picking is on everyone’s Fall bucket-list.  It’s an opportunity to get outside, see where our food comes from, eat cider donuts (you know you love that part), and pick apples.  By the time you get home with your 5 lb. bag of apples, eating more apples may not be first on your to-do list. 

What do you do with your apples?

Make applesauce! It is so easy, can be used as a sweet treat throughout the day, or added to meals. Grate some fresh cinnamon on it and it truly is dessert.

Recipe: http://www.marthastewart.com/350443/simple-applesauce

NUTRITION: Lots of antioxidants and fiber!



As we start to layer up our clothes we start to crave more tea. The act of tea drinking itself is relaxing and nourishing to our bodies and minds. You simply cannot drink hot tea quickly- with our busy lives; anything to slow us down is a good thing.

There are so many types of teas, from black to green, variations of chai to herbal. Good quality herbal tea can provide a wide array of nutritional benefits- from aiding digestion, cleansing the liver, or calming the mind.  Instead of meeting someone for coffee, give a tea date a try! I love taking my daughter and clients to David’s Tea, you can try as many as you like (highly recommend their seasonal pumpkin cider tea).


Delicata Squash:

Are stripes in? In the food world they are. This squash when ripe has beautiful yellow and green striations. It’s easy to cut and cook (unlike it’s relatives acorn and butternut), and is an amazing source of vitamin A and C. You will see this squash in a lot of restaurant dishes this Fall, but give it a try at your house. Here is a great recipe:


Serve as a side dish with any type of protein and a bright green veggie.


They are not just pops of colors in salads…. these fruit are antioxidant powerhouses; they are high in vitamin c and folate.  Pomegranates are great to add to bitter greens like escarole or radicchio, or to give a whole grain dish some color and increase its nutritional value.



I can’t omit pumpkin from this list- when you think fall, you think pumpkin (I think this would be a good place to add the #1 Fall trend that is consistent). We often see pumpkin used as a sweet dessert, but it is extremely versatile. Have you ever cooked with fresh pumpkin? Grab a pumpkin, carve it, roast the seeds, AND use the actual pumpkin meat. Here is a super easy pumpkin soup recipe.


NUTRITION: potassium, fiber, b vitamins




On the fashion end, here are a few of Tara's tips for the top trends of fall...

The Chunky Sweater

As new Englanders, we are professionals when it comes to the art of layering. And let's face it, with the ever changing weather, we often are forced to. This is where the chunky sweater is a key piece in any wardrobe. Keep it simple with a little flare, such as this one by GroaLive available at Portobello Road.


This is one of the biggest trends the season. Whether on your shoe or bag, wearing velvet will help you to remain on-trend.

The Sneaker

Whether walking in the city to work or apple picking with family and friends, the sneaker is a classic choice. It's a versatile piece that will finish off any look with comfort and style.


The Jumpsuit

This jumpsuit is the perfect choice for day to night. Pair it with flats or heels, the jumpsuit is a statement piece and makes life simple!

The Bootie

The must have in any wardrobe. Perfect to pair with jeans or a dress, the bootie heal with the perfect day to night shoe that will go stunningly with any outfit.