YouTube Series: Dressed

A short series with trailblazers and creatives on how they dress for success. This series started in Boston spring 2018 and then I took it to the west coast summer 2018. Subscribe to my channel below and be on the lookout for more!


Dressed with Tara West: Joe Wagner of TOD'S


On the final interview of the LA tour, Tara West heads to Rodeo Drive. Amongst the luxury stores is TOD'S, and sits down with west coast regional manager Joe Wagner at their private rooftop suite. It serves as a showroom and clubhouse for special clients and events! They review what classic pieces are a big seller right now and how Joe incorporates them into his own style. When you look good, you feel good; that's his key to success.

Dressed with Tara West: Lisa Optican


Tara West sits down with LA luxury real estate agent, Lisa Optican. Selling homes and helping people find their dream house is a tall order in the Beverly Hills area, and how you present yourself is key. Lisa finds a balance between dressing to impress and getting hands on at properties for her clients creates the perfect formula for success.

Dressed with Tara West: Chaser Brand


Tara West visits the LA showroom of Chaser Brand and chats with the VP of design & merchandising, Megan Baca, about upcoming fall trends. The style and hand of Chaser Brand clothes help people feel their comfiest and look their best!

Dressed with Tara West: Michael Kalish


To start off the Los Angeles series Tara West goes to the studio of Michael Kalish, pop culture and Americana artist. He has an affinity for style and doesn't let messes at work stop him from wearing a paint-stained suit. From private collectors to Muhammad Ali to G-Eazy, Kalish has pieces commissioned for all art lovers!

Dressed with Tara West: Money Mav


To wrap up the Boston series, Tara West goes inside the closet of Money Mav of JAM'N 94.5. This sneakerhead has an eye for style and shows off what he feels represents confidence and success.


Dressed with Tara West: Will Dailey


Tara West flows with the music and mind of Will Dailey. Touring the world, along with writing and producing for others, has this musician sporting a versatile style. Be sure to check out his newly released album, Golden Walker!


Dressed with Tara West: Seth B. Minkin


Tara West visits with artist Seth B. Minkin at his studio. His art has also translated into wearable pieces, which blend to create a unique business and vision of style.


Dressed with Tara West: Marc Hall


Tara West sits down with the amazing florist and event designer/producer, Marc Hall.  Presentation is key in any business, and he explains what that means to his style.

Dressed with Tara West: Lisa Donovan


Tara West shops with Lisa Donovan of Kiss108 at Portobello Road.  Lisa is a voice of fashion for Boston and her chic style carries priceless confidence.


Dressed with Tara West: Barry Segel


Tara West talks with Barry Segel of Mr. Sid about the definition of a well-dressed man.  This iconic Boston menswear store, that opened a second location in the Seaport District, is the go-to spot for a luxurious experience with high-quality pieces. 


Dressed with Tara West: Stephanie Saunders


Tara West visits with colorful artist Stephanie Saunders. Her gallery on Newbury Street shows off her unique taste that translates well into personal style, talent, and art.


Dressed with Tara West: George Foreman III


Series Premiere! Tara West goes in depth with entrepreneur and professional boxer George Foreman III, founder of EverybodyFights, to talk about the power of clothing and how it fuels confidence.