Tara West

Holiday Gift Guide

Tara West

It's that time of year! It is the time of giving, which can always be stressful. Being a personal shopper, this is an area where I am at my best. When shopping for others, I aim for simple yet personal. It can be difficult to generate gift ideas for certain people in your life, especially women, as we can be incredibly particular. However, when it comes to shopping for women, there are particular items which will always be warmly welcomed. Here are some gifts that I always love giving and receiving...

1. Bags

Top bag: Simon Miller available at Barneys | Bottom bag: Balenciaga available at Barneys

2. Underwear by Uwila Warrior

3. Hats by Third Piece

4. Jewelry

Top necklace: Tandem Jewelry | Bottom Necklace: Tandem Jewelry

5. Sunglasses

Top pair: Dita Eyewear found at Yosemite Eyewear | Bottom pair: Oliver Peoples found at Lunette Optic


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