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Lifestyle Meets Elegance

Tara WestComment
Lifestyle Meets Elegance

This week I had the pleasure of combining the beauty of Anne Fontaine's classic style clothing with the exclusive accessories of India Hicks. Anne Fontaine’s tailored dress shirts and elegant blouses made for an excellent palette to showcase the beautiful jewelry of India Hicks. View my pairings of these everyday, elegant looks below. 


Anne Fontaine (Promo Code "Tara") 

Leather Jacket: “Anaya”, $1,450 (https://www.annefontaine.com/anaya)

White Blouse: “Elois”, $395 (https://www.annefontaine.com/elois)

Sparkle Cufflinks: “Guido”, $225 (https://www.annefontaine.com/guido)

Blue Velvet Top: “Edison”, $295 (https://www.annefontaine.com/edison)

India Hicks

Carmen Clutch: Caramel, $274 http://bit.ly/ihxtwcarmencaramel

Free Spirit Necklace: Himalayan Pink, $235 http://bit.ly/ihxtwfreespiritpink

Leticia Ring: $65 http://bit.ly/ihxtwleticiaring

Isabella Bag: Navy, $460 http://bit.ly/ihxtwleticiaring

Hat Attack Hat: Charcoal Gray, $148 http://bit.ly/ihxtwhatattack

Treasure Box: Grey, $95 http://bit.ly/ihxtwtreasurebox

The Insider: Island Gecko, $148 http://bit.ly/ihxtwinsidergecko

Queens Highway Scarf: Army/Silver, $140 http://bit.ly/ihxtwqueenshwy

Candle: The Grove, $54 http://bit.ly/ihxtwcandlegrove

Cartridge Bag: Merlot, $345 http://bit.ly/ihxtwcartridgebag

The Double O: $220 http://bit.ly/ihxtwdoubleo

Bird & Knoll Scarf: Dark Pool $175  http://bit.ly/ihxtwbirdknoll

Heritage Link Bracelet: $165 http://bit.ly/ihxtwheritagelink

Bullion Bar Earrings: $120 http://bit.ly/ihxtwbullionbar



Special thank you to Catherine Threlkeld Photography for these amazing photos!