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It's a Wrap!

Tara WestComment
It's a Wrap!

As we wrap up this last week of 2017, I wanted to share my favorite editorial photos that I worked on this year with some of Boston’s best-and-brightest photographers. 

Whether styling models on the rooftop of the Seaport Hotel at sunrise, under the Zakim Bridge in the snow or amongst the brownstones of Beacon Hill; collaborating behind the scenes to bring the photographers vision to life is both exhilarating and rewarding. 

My favorite published photos below:

Vogue Italia: Photographer: Kolby Knight Stylist: Tara West/ Model: Andrea Kostovick @Maggie, Inc/ HMUA: Alexandra Angelone

Photographer:Lian Leng/ Stylist: Tara West/ Models: Cameron Oliver Stone, Kate Novak/ HMUA: Beauty Mystic

Sundry Magazine/ Photographer: Lian Leng/ Stylist: Tara West/ Model:Anna Jonyonas/ MUA: Beauty Mystic

Photographer:  Lian Leng/ Stylist: Tara West/ Model: Savannah Ferland/ HMUA: Alexandra Angelone

Vulkan Magazine/ Photographer: Anna Tabakova / Stylist: Tara West / Model: Helen Harley / HMUA: Beauty Mystic  

Photographer: Anna Tabakova / Stylist: Tara West / Model Belle Hoag @Maggie Inc / MUA: Jeanie Vincent


Photographer: Anna Tabakova/ Stylist: Tara West/ Model: Jesslyn Sargent/ HMUA:Beauty Mystic

Thank you to the amazing photographers, models, and makeup artists I have worked with! Shop some similar looks below!