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Be(ep) My Valentine?

Tara WestComment
Be(ep) My Valentine?

"Oh, honey, you shouldn't have!"

I've been practicing for Valentine's Day.  Especially after our photo shoot at Automatic Quincy  because nothing so automatically says I love you like a shiny Mercedes sitting in your driveway on February 14th!  Or Audi, or Jeep, or Cadillac. 

You've heard the expression, go big or go home?  The gesture of buying your significant other a car makes that statement (and also makes it easier to walk in the door on Feb 14 when you forgot the candy.)

Auto-matic Quincy  is a local gem.  Their philosophy is to make customers welcomed, relaxed and satisfied during the process of purchasing a quality pre-owned car.  

Link to their website: www.automaticquincy.com

So, if your Valentine is hinting at something a little bigger than a robin's egg blue box this year...  or ladies, did you really think he wanted a new snow blower?

Treat your special person, your most valued loved-one, to a car.

The rewards will be automatic, promise!


Special thank you to ISOUDE for the beautiful dress and Sun Tan Van for giving me a glowing tan! Photography by: Brad Bahner Photography 

Watch the YouTube video of this photoshoot at: https://youtu.be/NRKKZBfhmUk